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Thread: 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24 - Coil Tapping

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    25th Anniversary SE Custom 24 - Coil Tapping

    Hi All,

    I'm new to guitar modding, in particular coil tapping/splitting (whichever your preferred term is), and I'm interested in tapping my 25th Anniversary SE Custom 24.
    I know the new SECU24's come tapped, but i also believe they have newly designed pickups which leads me the following;
    Can the existing pick ups be tapped? Are they worth tapping or am I better off installing a full-blown HFS/Vintage Bass combo?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance guys.

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    they can be done on the stock pickups, i've done it, but it's pretty troublesome and might ruin the pickups if you're not careful. i've found that article somewhere but i can't seem to find it anymore, might have to take sometime to dig it out (it's not from this forum)

    edit: here's the link.

    the pictures are not very clear, but if you're doing it while looking at the thread you'll understand. Step 1 to 13 are only needed, the rest are wax potting which your SE Cu24 probably doesn't need if you haven't add covers.

    for Step 1, there's a little correction. The SE's stock pickups has a fabric tape that needs to be peeled off first before you go on to unscrew the baseplate. Do take note, only the fabric tape, not the rubber tape.

    though i suggest you get pair of new pickups if you want to save all the time and trouble. if you want experience, go ahead and do it
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