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Thread: Question about P22 pickups----

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    Question about P22 pickups----

    Hello all...

    Newbie here....

    Just as a bit of background, I have 2 CE24's and a '99 McCarty.

    I'm planning to get a P22 trem, once they are released.

    I was reading up on the P22 pickups, and also the "Artist package" program. In it, it says "No substitutions" for the P22 pickups.

    Is this because the way they are wired for the piezo, etc?

    I would like pickups a litter hotter....but not as hot as the CE24......soooo, I'm guessing Dragon II's???

    Could I drop new p/u's into a P22....or is this model WYSIWYG? Just curious.....

    Any information or advice is really helpful.

    Thanks in advance


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    Good question. I've been curious about that as well. I'm guessing it's what they feel mixes best with the piezo system? Or they only use 1 type of pickup so that the piezo fine tuning can be preset without a lot of additional time spent?

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    P22s first came out with 53/10s, now on the website it says 57/08s since the 53/10s are now unobtainium. However, I have seen P22 hang tags that say "P22" pickups. They are either really 57/08s, or that was just a quick fix until a P22 pickup was developed. I don't know the answer, just my observations...

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    the new ones are 57/08 now the new CU22 has a 5 way blade just like the P22 and they can come with the HFS/Vintage set. How ever they are one of the hottest trebles short of the tremonti. From the website the Dragons are a bit less hot and are compatible with 5 way rotary so maybe blade. HOWEVER not sure the fit unless you can get them with the new SQUARE bobbins.
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