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Thread: Hey Shawn or anyone..what color is this bass? is it called OMG?

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    Hey Shawn or anyone..what color is this bass? is it called OMG?

    Saw this on FleaBay the other day and no one seems to know what the name of the color is. It's been called GAs Blue lol. That's what it SHOULD be called..GAS Blue...or BNI Blue (blaren NEEDS IT Blue).
    My GOD!!
    It's true that I don't get out much and havent seen a whole lot of sweet quilts in person. I know you can get some pretty stunning looking cheap guitars with veneers oor photofinishes that scream PRS Artist grade (hey it IS the highest form of flattery) but this is the real deal and I've NEVER seen ANYTING like it.
    Man...I now know what my dream guitar's top is going to TRY to look like.
    Note to time you get a top like this..or even just close..PLEASE let me know, and let me know that the peeps can do this finish again.
    GEEZUS!! Are ya sure this bass's top is even FLAT? Sure doesnt appear to be. WOW WOW WOW WOW. it is:
    WHAT is that color called?

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    I think its INDIGO

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    Looks like Purple Mist to me.

    Here's a reference for you.
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    That's beautiful! But only one pic for an instrument that expensive? They've got
    to be kidding.

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    Imzadi, there is a PILE of pics if you scroll down in the listing. At least there was before it was re-listed. I go to check out that link for reference. Thanks for the replies.

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    I dont think that's it jfb. The eBay one looks more blue than purple and the one in the reference link doesnt seem to have the white stain like the eBay one does. Man...I WANT IT!

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    Two words:

    DAY YUM!!!!

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    description says it's 'double stained privact stock purple'. that is wicked, wicked cool!
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