2010-2011, I had an 08 Mira, vintage 'hog, regular neck, moons, and I stupidly sold it. I truthfully don't remember why any more, but I do remember the regret creeping in as I was packing it up for shipping.

In December I picked up this one, an 07 in vintage cherry with original birds, a rare bird indeed in a flock of Miras. Stock except nickel covers added which adds a touch of class. It's honestly a better guitar than the '08 was, not that there was anything wrong with the '08 in particular, and it could just be me that's different. After three + months, I'm still honeymooning, so I think it's going to work out. I was just playing it during my lunch break and loving it.

Show us your Mira!

My old 08 with moons next to my black CU22: