I did some recording with my SE Custom this past week (inspired by and using my Spider capos - if you're still around Darren!). I also recorded the same song with my Larrivee, so I figured it would make a nice comparison track.

So, here's the details...both guitars were recorded with the same mics in the same configuration (I also recorded the pickup from the SE, but that is NOT used here). Same setup and positioning, same signal path. No processing to the tracks save for a bit of volume adjustment so they'd be more or less equal.

I pulled essentially the same sections from two different takes - one w/each guitar. The pattern follows throughout this track - guitar one/guitar two, etc. I did add the sound of an 8-track changing programs to show where the changes occur - it was more interesting than silence!

Have a listen - I think the SE holds its own pretty well. And at some point, I will mix the full song.