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Thread: NEW SE Custom 24 Killer Quilt Tops - 6 Colours!

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    NEW SE Custom 24 Killer Quilt Tops - 6 Colours!

    Another job well done by the PRS SE Team!

    All available in store or online for delivery worldwide!

    Website link here

    Whale Blue

    Tobacco Sunburst

    Cherry Sunburst

    Purple Burst

    Grey Black

    Emerald Green

    Leon @ Wildwire Music and Audio
    Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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    Those are stunning! Like the blue one... never been happy with the blue SE's but that one looks good. It's the Emerald Green one that stands out the most though. Amazing!

    Could do with some Bernie's in those colours...!
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    Despite what was reported in the press and what appeared on the website of practically every European guitar retailer over the last few months, PRS seems to be denying that these were ever released exclusively for the European market. I finally saw one today at a local (US) music shop. Too bad somewhere along the line someone wanted to play exclusivity games with the product. That doesn't cotton with me. It also casts doubts on the limited run numbers as well. I would have gladly bought the one I saw if I hadn't already purchased another SE within the last two months. Previously to that, I had even entertained getting one of these quilts from Europe while I was in the hunt. Seems an utterly odd shame that they touted and advertised them in a highly visible fashion there but nary a peep here in the States for something a bit different and desirable that they now say has always been more globally available? None of this sits well with me.
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    I really like that purple one!!!
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    If only PRS would figure out that zebra pickups are ugly lol

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    Wait - there wasnt a green or purple or cherry burst option when I ordered mine.
    Seriously unfair.

    I settled on Tobacco because it was the only other color than blue at the time

    Where can we get these here ?
    Could we ever ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by prscat33511 View Post
    Where can we get these here ?
    Could we ever ?
    First of all, where is here?

    Second, where did you order yours from? Because I certainly wasn't going to pay an additional $300 exchange premium to order one overseas and have it imported to the US.

    Third, according to PRS, these have always been available everywhere - which is completely not true. In my laborious search for one over the last six months, the only place that I found these advertised and/or for sale was in Europe. That was until I just saw a Cherry one at a store here in the States about three weeks ago. It had the beveled edge, an N serial and the blade toggle, so it was definitely brand new.

    If they wanted you to get one of these firsthand outside of Europe, PRS sure made it incredibly impossible to find them anywhere else. No promotion, no sales information, not a word. In fact, the local store had no idea what it was, where it come from and when they called Maryland asking about it, they were told by a lady in sales that there was no truth to the European exclusivity, which was reported here: As I stated above, if this now-refuted "press release" was wrong about the specific market restriction, then what makes me believe that the 200 unit limited-run number is also true. So for everyone that bought one back in the Old World thinking you got something special and rare, well you got duped by someone's shifty marketing. It makes no sense as to why PRS would not tout their supposed existence here in the States - if they were indeed available for sale here in the States. C'mon. Sweetwater would have had four of them in stock at all times. And people would be lapping these beauties up. So someone somewhere is telling the public some nonsense. Either the Music Radar report is hogwash or the line from PRS is. Regardless, these guitars should have been readily purchasable in the local currency for those that wanted one, and they simply were/are not.
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