I'm in the market for a guitar with humbuckers to go with/replace my 305.

One of my questions is around neck carve options. Which neck is the easiest do getting your thumb on the bottom E string? I find my old Gibson 335 neck still seems as easy as the prs 305 for those kind of chords

Second question relates to pickups. What is the difference between the 408 pickups and the 53/09? I understand there is more options with the 408s. Which pickup is "hotter". I am looking for a pickup that suits a wide variety of music and that sounds neither too thin or too messy. To my ears the the 305 pups sound thin when used clean particularly at the bridge?

thirdly should I be looking for something with a piezo option? I'm thinking if I use a wireless link back to the pa I can get the two different sounds without too many cables. Is switching between piezo and magnetic going to work well in practice, in terms of just physically hitting the switch?

tia for any thoughts from you experienced musos. One part of me says that the simpler the setup the better, less things to go wrong, less maintenance and more emphasis on the music rather than the instrument. Another part of me wants to keep trying something different.