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Thread: The Classic Tones Thread!

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    The Classic Tones Thread!

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we return you to those classic tones of yesteryear with this, the Classic Tones thread!

    As I was posting this recipe for the Jeff Beck "Truth" album's tones in an HX/DA amp thread, I realized that other players here would probably be interested in sharing some of their "secret sauce" recipes for various classic tones with the rest of the Forum's members, too. Hence, this thread.

    So please forgive the fact that I'm repeating the other post, I thought I'd get the ball rolling:

    One of my favorite records from my youth was Jeff Beck's "Truth" album. And because I happen to have a Fulltone Plimsoul on hand, I wondered if I could get the classic "Rock My Plimsoul" sound with the pedal and the HXDA. Understand, I have no idea what Beck used for this recording, but I have to tell you, I absolutely got that tone with these settings -- note that the guitar output level is also part of the deal.

    Plimsoul Pedal Settings:

    Level: 9 0'clock (unity gain)
    Sustain: 10 o'clock
    Stage II: about 9 o'clock
    High Cut: about 1:30 o'clock

    HX/DA Amplifier Settings:

    HX Gain: One o'clock-ish
    DA Gain: 7 o'clock
    Treble: 11 o'clock
    Mids: One o'clock
    Bass: 12:30 o'clock
    Presence: 11 o'clock
    Volume: To taste
    Switches (left to right): DA, DA, HX

    Guitar: Artist V, Settings

    Bridge pickup, Volume = 6-7, Tone = 7-8

    If you set the guitar volume too high, it pushes the pedal into a tone that's too "modern" for the 1968 Beck setting, that was very buttery sounding on the recording.

    But if you do it right (season to taste with your own gear of course) you can nail that tone.

    If I could also nail the playing, all would be right with the world, but I'll take what I can get!!

    Other notes and observations:

    1. I'm betting that any good Tube Screamer type pedal can do this, you don't need to go get a Pliimsoul. Just remember to use a low-ish gain setting, and back off the treble to get a smooth sound, and use just enough pedal output volume to merge with the natural sound of the amp. In other words, the pedal almost becomes something of a tone control in addition to those on the amp. The natural mid and low mid boost of these types of pedals makes the solo pop a little, and that's what you want to achieve this tone.

    2. If it's not already obvious, these are humbucker tones.

    3. If you don't have an HX/DA, my guess is that an approximation of the vintage marshall sound on your own amp will work; remember that the Superbass and Superlead Marshalls were not grindy, trebly, midrangey JCM style monsters; they had beautiful clean tones, and buttery, creamy lead tones, with rich lower mids and bass, and a softer high end. Listen to the recording and you'll get the concept pretty quickly.

    4. I got these tones with a closed-back Mesa 212 recto cab with V-30s. Greenbacks would have been closer, but to me, it's a tweakage thing. If I can do it with the "wrong" speakers, you can do it, too, or heck, use the right ones if you have 'em!

    5. Tag will have to go for the Marshall sound he hates. Heheheh.
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