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    Where you live?

    This Forum has 100's of people from all over the US, UK and other parts of the world so wouldn't it be interesting to others to show where you are?

    I live in the UK, North Devon to be specific and I think it offers some of the most amazing scenery the UK has to offer.

    This is my local beach (I can see the dunes from my house), Saunton Sands, the US army used this beach to train for the D day landings on this beach

    in fact there is a road known locally as the American Road,

    the local Royal Marines still use it for training

    The White building behind is the Saunton Sands Hotel, a nice place to stay if you can afford it....

    Mostly though the beach is used for recreation, this is me Surfing at Saunton on a small day taken by the local surf report guy

    come on then folks show us where you live?
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