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Thread: Fingerboard dye

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    Fingerboard dye

    Hi folks.
    I recently bought my first PRS, a 2006 custom 24 in plain black.
    I think it would look better if the fingerboard is black as ebony, matching the body and headstock color. I read in other forum about using leather dye to stain fingerboard black.
    But I'm concerned about the abalone birds inlay, Is it OK to dye the fingerboard or would it ruin the inlay?

    I used to have an ibanez J-custom RG, on which I use dunlop fingerboard conditioner, while it succeed in darkening the rosewood fretboard, it totally ruin the abalone dot inlay (become brown) and the maple binding.

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    I don't think I would chance it. It would seem to me that the fretboard would have to get sealed somehow. Otherwise you would get black fingers everytime you play. Thisd sounds to me better off left alone.
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    I'd consider getting some Fret Doctor. It won't make it black, but depending on how dry the board is it should make it look darker. And it's actually good for it!!

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