Alright, I ended my second "D.O.A.D." thread because I felt as though there were too many little issues with my drunkenly purchased SE Nick Cantanese,
it really stemmed from me bringing this guitar to a session a little too early before spending enough time with it. I don't want to be a wuss, and would like to try to salvage the project but I'm having trouble with the bridge and I'm looking for advise.

The issue I am encountering with the bridge is that while bending notes in the upper register, the strings pop out of the grooves in the saddles, making a noticeable "ping" sound. It's not to bad when played with distortion, but I'm a mostly clean player and can't justify having a guitar for only one style of playing.

The action on this guitar is almost perfect. I know I could get new saddles, or cut deeper ones in the existing saddles, but I'm worried about the amount of clearance between the existing saddles and the bridge itself, it's really close!

Anybody have any other ideas? I'm not real crazy about the feel of the PRS compensated bridge, but the grooves seem to keep the strings from jiggling like they do on this one. I "mow my own lawn" when it comes to tech stuff (for better or for worse ) and don't want to give up quite yet, as I feel this is a really cool and well put together guitar.

Here is a pic, and you know I'm serious about it because I worked really hard to get a clear photo of it. (not my usual "bigfoot sighting" pictures)

BTW this was a used guitar, has no warranty, and I haven't messed with anything yet besides putting on a fresh set of .10's.