Hi all, in 2011 I bought my first and only PRS from Grape Vine guitars. I decided to sell it since its never left its case.I just got a message from a Ebay member with zero feedback basically calling me a intentional liar by calling it a Private stock.He also reported me
I copied and pasted the exact description from Grape vine where its listed as PS.I also saw one of the other 5 made specifically for the 2011 Dallas show on another PRS dealer's website.Hangtag says "special" next to order#There it was also listed as PS.Here is my Ebay link.

I am already going to lose alot of money on the guitar but this is not about money but rather a accurate description.I do not want to mislead anyone.If its not considered a private stock then so be it and
i was the one mislead and I will change it. Thanks, Jim