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Thread: Private Stock - exactly what denote this?

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    Private Stock - exactly what denote this?

    If I want to purchase say a Hollowbody II in a certain colour, but want to see photos of the guitar before I accept the purchase/order, would I need to order it as "Private StocK", even if nothing was different from the standard model?

    Here in Australia we're lucky to find a retailer that stocks PRS USA models, let alone stock more than 1 copy of a particular model.

    To get a particular model, the retailer would need to order it from the Importer/Distributor, who would then order it from the factory. No "Try before you Buy".

    I've got more chance of getting what I want, and "seeing" it online before I buy if I order from a foreign website in UK or Japan, but I'm not to keen to pay out $1000's in the hope that the guitar is shipped promptly and arrives undamaged.

    Info please. Any US retailers who ship to Australia?

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    The HB II is available with the "Special Order Finish" option, which means you can order the guitar in any color that is available on any standard model PRS produces. This does not include Private Stock colors.

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