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    Seriously, there are lots of folks here who are over 55. No worries!

    Also...I get people P.O.ed all the time. I don't mean to, but it happens. And eventually they either forgive me, or they ignore me. However, I'm working on just relaxing, being more accepting of other peoples' opinions, etc. After all, this is supposed to be part of the fun of the PRS experience. If someone disagrees with you, let it go.

    And re: another thing you mentioned -- of course we sound like ourselves regardless of what we play -- in one sense. This is one of the great things about being a string player -- you are manipulating the sound-making apparatus with your fingers. On other instruments - a piano is a good example - though you can vary touch, etc., you don't have the opportunity to have as direct an influence on the outcome of the tone as you do with a guitar.

    So with a guitar, there is a feedback loop between your fingers, your instrument/amp, your ears, your brain, and back to your hands. You are adjusting the tones to produce sounds you want to hear, as you play, even in the middle of a note, and you're doing it on the fly. Then listening, and making more adjustments. No wonder we sound like ourselves.

    Then, too, the physical makeup of your hands, ears, etc., influence what tones you can make.

    The question is, can we come a little closer to how we WANT to sound, and can PRS gear help us achieve that? Can we have an easier time producing the tones in our personal feedback loop? I think the answer is "yes." I just had a friend over on Friday (a very good player) who told me I've never sounded better, and that he was digging my tone more than ever. So clearly something is happening. In my case, I believe that's because I'm not fighting the gear to make my sound happen, it's just plain easier for me when I play my PRS gear.

    So I sound like me. But I sound like a better-sounding me. With PRS gear, I'm me on a very good day. And that is a priceless commodity!

    I think if you stick around, you will also see that the Forum is a positive feedback loop. No need to be angry with people who disagree or even make a nasty comment. It's just part of the deal.

    Anyway, it seems like you're staying, and that's a good thing.
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