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Thread: Any Pistol Owners out there?

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    Any Pistol Owners out there?

    I used to do target shooting / hunting when I was a boy, so I'm not new to rifles and shotguns.
    (Before I was allowed to shoot my first rifle, my Dad had me take a gun safety course.)
    Don't know if it's a second childhood thing, but I have decided to get my first pistol.
    I looked around a bit... then some more... then some more, until I found a place with an inventory.
    A week later it was shipped to my FFL.
    So, in 60 days or more (the estimated time for a Maryland background check), I will be receiving my new Smith and Wesson, M&P9.
    I know Jamie has some firearms, but was interested to see what other folks at the forum might have.
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    Are you allowed to post pics of them here, I do not know.
    I have two Glock 45 calibers, a 21SF (13 shot) and my concealed carry is a Glock 36, 6 shot.

    I have a few local indoor ranges I go to, and I can also shoot them (and my rifles) in the mountains up where I go camping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyT View Post
    Are you allowed to post pics of them here, I do not know.
    Short Answer: Yes.

    Long Answer: The right of the people to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the constitution of the United States. But, just like the 1st Ammendment (Free Speech) the way you express that right has the ability to upset those with opposing views. We will not debate any of the rights of US Citizens (or the rights of non-US citizens) on this forum because politics are expressly off topic. Other than that, be thoughtful with your words just as you should be thoughtful with your photos. Represent those of us who own and carry guns (legally) well. Antagonism won't be tolerated, whether the law is on your side or not.
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    Just got my wife a .32 colt

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    Thanks Hans.

    Here are my two Glocks.
    No holster for the 21SF, I only carry the smaller one, and use a Galco leather holster for it.

    My two rifles.
    The Colt pre-ban AR15 I bought from a good friend, and it was stone stock when I got it.
    I have poured a lot of $$$ into it, and it now looks like a full blown Swat type rifle.
    About the only stock parts on it now are the barrel and the trigger.
    Rainier Arms a local AR15 shop by me did most of the customizing.

    The AR is very expensive to shoot using 5.56 rounds.
    I picked up a very nice S&W AR15-22 rifle last year that comes stock looking pretty much like my Colt with all the customizing I had done to it.
    The S&W AR15-22 is one of the better AR type 22s on the market, as its workings are almost identical to the AR15.
    Lot of police/swat departments train with the S&W, as going from it to the bigger AR15 is about the same.
    I can shoot this at an indoor range, where as the Colt I cannot, too powerful, it would eat up the place.
    The S&W uses 22 long rifle rounds, and the mags are 25 round capacity.
    My Colt I use 30 round mags with it.

    Here are both together with the 22 in the background.
    They pretty much look the same.
    Both have a Grip Pod on them, I like though a lot.
    Push a button, and the bi pod legs pop out the bottom.

    The 22 is at the top of this next photo, and that is not a silencer even though they are legal in WA. state, but is it just a barrel shroud.
    Still looks cool
    I have a smaller red dot for it now instead of the bigger one on it in the picture here.

    Smaller one is nicer.
    Also have a new duel case so I can carry both rifles at the same time.

    All guns/ammo are kept in a safe.

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    There are a few topics which have a tendency to turn political (guns, abortion, etc). Because of this, I'm closing this thread.

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