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Thread: PRS - Boggling Minds, One At A Time

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    PRS - Boggling Minds, One At A Time

    I love when folks "get" PRS guitars and amps. You can see the light bulb going off in their heads reflected in their faces...

    Yesterday one of my guitar playing friends came by the studio to check out my HX/DA. He had a really good-sounding, highly modified LP copy. It does sound very good, by the way. I think he replaced about everything on the guitar but the wood!

    He has a vintage Strat, and some big name guitars, but really digs this modded LP.

    He's also a really good player, so I always enjoy when he comes around the studio, as we have a great time.

    He plugged into the amp, and played a little, and just got this big smile on his face. Then he dug in, and the smile got bigger.

    "My guitar has never sounded this good," he said. "This amp is really great. Tell me about it again?"

    So I went through the Allmans story, and about the transformer, and how the switches take it from Superbass to Superlead, etc. Then I turned the master volume down to about "2".

    "Play it with the master set at whisper levels," said I.

    He did, and just shook his head. "This is a truly great amp. I have to bring my amp over and see if it can get these tones."

    Then I played my A-V and Sig through the amp, and showed how I can get different tone colors just using the volume and tone controls on the guitars. When I was done, he said, "You've never sounded better."

    I handed him my A-V. "Try it."

    He played it for a couple of minutes, and then looked up and said, "This is like a surgical instrument, compared to my guitar. You can really feel the difference."

    I just smiled. I love when that happens.
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