I'm sure by now all you guys have heard about the new P22 Trem models coming in, and to make room for those, we're having a huge clearance sale on all our P22s right now.

Hit us up with any and all inquiries at info@musicstorelive.com or 888.465.5037. I think you'll all be pleasantly surprised what you can get these for through us

Click on the images to see the full listing on our website

2012 Abalone Smokewrap Burst

2013 Quilted Whale Blue Macassar Ebony

2013 Livingston Lemondrop

2013 Whale Blue

2013 Orange Tiger

2013 Armando's Amethyst

2013 Makena Blue

2013 Trampas Green Smoke Burst 10-Top

And MANY more PRS guitars on our website at MusicStoreLive.com