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Thread: Could we ever see an Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) Signature Mira?

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    Could we ever see an Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) Signature Mira?

    The Mira thread had me thinking...

    I've been an All Time Low fan for quite some time, and also love the Mira. Alex has always been rockin' some pretty sweet Mira's, but it looks like lately he's been playing a really cool neon-green one. Is a Gaskarth Mira a possibility? I'd be totally on board for one! In the alternative, since it's essentially a stock Mira with custom paint and matching knobs, could one be ordered with the "special finish option?"

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    If I had to guess on the signature model status I would guess no, but wierder things have happened. As far as the color - you might be able to ask a dealer to request a similar color like that since its opaque. If not, buy one used and have PTC refinish it for you
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    That is the PERFECT green!



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    Great idea, especially considering that ATL is a MD. band.

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