A number of you have been to a Regulars benefit show before and know what a good time it is. This event is to support Rick Hales who is recovering from a debilitating stroke and faces additional surgery and a long rehabilitation.

The Regulars is not an ordinary band - we're made up of 50+ area musicians that perform as bands, duos, and/or solo. We've got members from Gimme Shelter, Rockzilla, Finally Friday, Laughing Through Your Fingers, Buffalo Theory, Lost Cause, Three Beer Sally, Nightshift, Jethorse, Peak City Blues Project, Jazzed Up Hooligans, John's Weathered Son, and more.

The songs are different every time, the players are different every time. The music starts around 5pm outdoors with full bands playing until 11pm. From there we move inside and perform unplugged until closing.

West Park Tavern is a fantastic venue with amazing food. West Park Tavern is located on Highway 55 about 5 minutes from 540 or 64. This is a family friendly event.

I will definitely be playing some of my favorite PRS guitars. A couple other Regulars usually show up with a PRS as well!