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Thread: PRS P22 confusion!!!!!!!!!!!

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    PRS P22 confusion!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, just picked up a PRS P22 in Teal Black which i've been lusting for. I know I am probably going to get some (massive) flaming for this but.. how does the PRS switching work?!? 5 way blade on a dual bucker guitar is definitely new to me as this is my first PRS. I checked out the PRS website for support but I have no idea what it means either.. so please someone here help me out!


    • Position 1: (down) Bridge Humbucker
    • Position 2: Bridge Humbucker with Neck Singlecoil
    • Position 3: Bridge and Neck Humbuckers
    • Position 4: Neck Singlecoil with Bridge Singlecoil
    • Position 5: (up) Neck Humbucker

    What does position 2 and 4 mean? Please someone explain to me the intricacies of PRS switching! On the plus side.. the guitar looks beautiful and plays as good as it looks.

    Was also wondering if the P22 pickups are replaceable with aftermarket pickups as I understand there may be some clashing problems or wiring difficulties with the piezo? Can anyone who's changed out their pickups on their P22 give some input? Sorry for the many questions guys.. hoping to get all this resolved so I can just get back to playing. Was hoping to swap in some WCR pickups into my P22 but i'm not so sure if it's possible now.. hoping for some enlightenment.

    Sorry for the silly questions and many thanks!

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    2 is using the full bridge humbucker and only one coil of the neck

    4 is using only one coil from each pickup

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