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Thread: Choose 2 PRS guitars among these 3

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    Choose 2 PRS guitars among these 3

    Hi everybody,

    I have just registered and I am about to jump for first time into the PRS world.

    I have been close to get some PRS guitar before but I have finally decided always for other brands as Gibson, Fender, ESP, Jackson,...there's no a special reason why, but always another brand has crossed my way and I've decided for it. However this time I am gonna get two of these great Paul Reed Smith instruments in a trade exchange and I would like to make the best decission, as I have the chance to choose among several models. These are:

    • PRS P24 Limites
    • PRS Signature Limited
    • PRS Custom 24 Rosewood Neck Wood Library Top

    I know more or less the differences among these models, but it's hard to decide...which two would you choose and why?

    Thank you!
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