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Thread: Happy 1st Birthday!

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    Happy 1st Birthday!

    One year ago, today, Paul Smith and Jack Higginbotham bravely agreed to open the doors to the Official PRS Forum. We all set out to build a new PRS-specific community. The demise of BaM left many of us fractured but the promise of an officially sponsored fan site brought us together again. It was far from easy and it required many of us to step up in ways we never expected. But it has been a labor of love.

    The first 6 months weren't very exciting. There were days I wasn't sure whether this was going to work or not. At one point I thought there were only about 15 of us keeping the ship afloat. And then, when the engines were really sputtering, 54 members (Official PRS Forum Plank Owners) stepped up, took a card from the deck, made a real committment to this community, and completely turned things around by focusing on the creation of new and meaningful content.

    After 12 months online we are now completely self-sustaining. As of this moment, 2,611 registered Members (705 of whom are daily visitors) have created 3,581 threads with over 58,000 posts. Members from all over the globe congregate here to share a common interest in PRS guitars and amplifiers.

    I'd be lying if I said getting here was a cakewalk. But nothing worth having comes easily. I am so proud to be a member of this forum - this community we have built together. And I am really excited to see where we go from here.

    Thanks to each of you for all you've done. Thank you, Shawn, for making me a part of this. Thank you for all of the nights and weekends you weren't required to spend on this forum sharing your wealth of knowledge. Thank you, James, for keeping the site healthy. Thank you, Jamie, for coaching greenhorn moderators through the hard stuff. And thanks to Paul, Jack, and Judy for giving a few thousand PRS fanatics a place to call home.

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