I admit it. 13 years ago I found a scrap piece of 3/4" plywood in the dumpster outside my apartment. I made a pedal board out of it. Many revisions later I'm still using it. It's not pretty, but it has worked for me for a very, very long time!

From the backside you can see where I mounted the DC Brick power box and transformer so I just plug an extension cable into it to power the whole board.

Recently I picked up a Line 6 M5 in order to get some modulation back on the board. It is also going to replace that old TR-2 from the 1990s. Hoever, as you can see, it's a little bit big for my board. Also, I'm having power issues. the 500mA it draws is too much for the DC brick. I can run either the DD20 or the M5 but not both.

As such, it might be time for a ground up overhaul. Our drummer can build some amazing things and has access to all sorts of aircraft machining tools through his work. We might build something new.

So, show me what you've got! Give me some ideas since I have the freedom to do whatever here!