Small Victory with learning to play today or " why to start learning solos as a beginer..."

So I've been working on nothing but Rhythm. Hey I'm not going to play lead so why not focus? I got a good lesson on "why not" and it resulted in one of the small "victories" we all get as we learn.

I got to jam with a bass player and a drummer a couple of months back and the guy that was going to play lead was a no show. We start playing and it's fun but at the time where the solo should happen...I'm just playing the rhythm. The bass player ( who plays everything and teaches - bass, guitar and drums) isn't having any of it! "Play something, that solo is in (Key)" he just wanted me to play SOMETHING. So I tried... It was fine...but I decided right then I needed to start understanding and playing some simple solos. So I started to learn some of the solos to the songs we had played... Maybe I don't have the chops to play it note for note it but I could play SOMETHING.

Well that resulted in learning more techniques! Sliding into notes, hammer pulls, double pull offs, bending to pitch. More good stuff to practice! And it is interesting.

So I'm driving into work this morning listening to "The Black Crows" (who else!) "Struttin' Blues" and during the outtro solo it occurs to me I'm visualizing the moves of the licks he's playing. Slide, hammer pull off, 1/4 note bend...etc.

I could hear a lick and visualize the mechanics of playing it!