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    Self Improvement?

    Nice sunny day way up here in the Great White North. Ice-packs have melted from the rivers, Icebergs are starting to recede, Inuit have packed up the Igloos, but the Polar Bears are still really pissed.
    Damn, I bet it hit 45 degrees (almost). Tee Shirt weather.
    So, I put on one of my PRS Tees and head downtown for a walk and some shopping. Went into the mall looking for a nice pair of sweats and maybe some jeans.
    No sweats to be found, some nice jeans but I guess I just ain't built right for them anymore ... largest size I could find was a 34. Now 34 is a fine size for boobies, not so much for a male waistline (at least not mine).

    Time to start working out for summer. I want to get into really good shape one more time before I croak.
    I'm actually not in bad shape for the shape I'm in, but there is abundent room for improvement.

    I pulled my Powerblocks out of storage, they are essentially self-contained dumbells (that's why I relate to them well), that are small in volume, not weight, that I can use in my condo.
    Grab one of the routines I worked out a few years ago and will start tomorrow. Obviously, dumbells aren't as flexible as going to the gym, however there are a surprising number of benefical exercises you can perform with them. Got to start somewhere.

    Also going to work on psychological enhancement ... a kinder, gentler me if you will.
    I need to become more sophisticated - going to take up meditation, grow a ZZ beard, learn to play the oboe and french horn and quote Aristotle, Plato (thought he was Play Dough), Descartes and Confucius and think "Big Brain Guy" thoughts.
    At the end of the day the most useful insight will come from ZZ ... "girls go crazy for a Sharp Dressed Man".

    So, things are looking up, hope by the end of July the temperature is solidly in the fifties (fahrenheit) and when I do a pushup, I won't actually push myself up, I'll push the earth down, just like Chuck .
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