Hi everyone, this is my first post to the forum. I recently bought a Custom 22 2007. It feels like a dream but the pickus are not of my particular liking. they are the dragon II and seem very dark and not chimey. I play through a Vox AC30 HW with greenbacks. Anyone uses Vox amps with their PRS? I am thinking of throwing some Burstbuckers in the 22 to get more chime that the lower output pickups have. Also I think they are brighter and possibly a better fit for my taste. Apart from that, the previous owner of the 22 dented the studs of the bridge horribly. I am looking for a replacement of the studs only since i LOVE! the bridge and all though many people say it throws intonation off if you change to heavier gauges, I have it set with .11s and it plays very well and stays intonated. The stud change is only a cosmetic thing. I am also wondering what is a good product to get the nickel hardware back to its original shine since it has faded in certain spots due to use.