Many of you may not be aware of the good work that the people of the SWARP Foundation are doing.

In our first year SWARP (Sergio's Winged tuner Appreciation and Reclamation Project) have rescued two sets of shared D&G winged tuners from their dubious owners, and has given them a second chance to create music again, by matching them up with a loving host guitar that was unfortunate to not come with them in the first place.

Today SWARP accepted these winged tuners and are in the process of mating them with a wonderful and caring SE Orianthi model.

Studies have shown that 83% of PRS owners are more likely than not, if they feel so inclined, to replace, modify, or even discard winged tuners! Winged tuners are dangerously close to becoming extinct, and many are feared to become mutilated.

Do your part and join or support SWARP!