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Thread: Tremol-nos and New SEs

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    Tremol-nos and New SEs

    I've been reading rumors that a large clamp tremol-no won't fit my Tremonti SE Custom without filling the trem claw holes and re-drilling (but it seems that also goes for any newer model, '12 or '13). I really wanted to install this soon, and I thought it was a drop in replacement. Can anyone say for sure that they won't fit? And this also means that the US trem system won't fit without drilling, right?

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    I have a 2012 SE CU24 and the Tremol-No needs to have old holes filled. The Tremol-No holes were about 3/16 O/C wider than the stock holes.I guess the SE trem claws are just a little narrower. As far as I know the Tremol-No will fit directly into the USA PRS's without any drilling. And yes I'm Pretty sure that you would have to do the same thing if you tried to install a USA trem in an SE model. Not sure about the SE Tremonti, but if its a standard SE trem then yes it willl need to be filled and redrilled. I got my Tremol-No but haven't put it in yet. but i'm going to when I get a chance. The stock claw is really cheap looking. Works fine but just cheap looking.(At least compared to the Tremol-No claw).
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