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Thread: NGD: 53/10 Limited in Natural

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    NGD: 53/10 Limited in Natural

    When this exact guitar arrived at Willcutt's in 2010 I fell in love with it, obsessed over it but didn't have the funds to make the purchase. And of course it sold and I was devastated. I copied its image to my desktop and have been looking at it forlornly for almost 3 years.

    This weekend I got out my '96 CU22 with Dragon 1's and thought it sounded incredible. And for the first time in quite a while I wondered how much of a difference having a stop tailpiece would make toinewise. I searched for the 53/10 Limited on EBay becuase even if my long lost love was gone there were some other incredible tops in that run.

    And there she was. What's more, she was mint and sitting at Garrett Park Guitars not 45 minutes from my house in Northern Virginia.

    Rick was awesome to deal with and today I brought home an incredible instrument. I plugged her into my rig and she sang. The 53/10 pickups have an incredible clarity and a forward tone. They are perfect for me. The split sounds are excellent and I found some wonderful rounded tones working with the volume and tone knobs.

    The quilt on this guitar slays me. What I didn't expect was how much I would love the feel of the PF09 finish on the neck as well as the absolute beefiness of it. Here are Rick's shots, I'll post my own if I can put the guitar down.

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