Just got this one yesterday. It was advertised on eBay as Root beer, but it says Tortoise Shell under the pickup, so now I know what color she is! Buying a used 20 year old guitar is always a crap shoot, and can be interesting. This guitar has some buckle scrapes on the back, and a few minor dings on the top, but overall, has been very well cared for over the years.

It also looks to me like it has had at least on refret, judging by the sloppy looking nut ends. And, a recent grind and polish probably. The action at the first fret was terrible until I filed the nut slots down to match the fret height better. Now she plays fine, intonation is perfect - but I think I will be sending her to the PTC for a fret job in the near future. I want PRS perfection!

Another interesting 'feature' - someone put dual toggle switches in (both non PRS). So, you could pull the tone knob, and only the bridge pickup is single coil. Pull the volume knob, and only the neck pickup is single. A useless feature for me, and I just ordered a PRS drop in wiring harness to bring it back to stock - adding the single push pull tone knob that wasn't around in '94.

The pickups must have been changed recently since there is no tarnish on them. Both McCarty - bridge and neck. I was kinda looking forward to the original Dragon bass pickups, but I guess I can always sell the McCarty pickups if I want to change later on.

Here she is!