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Thread: drop in 3 way toggle w/ push pull tone

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    drop in 3 way toggle w/ push pull tone

    Ok I just recieved the drop in 3 way toggle with volume and push/pull tone. I am going to install it in a SE singelcut along with the HFS/Vintage pick up set. I have conflicting issues here. I am including schematic from PRS sit for this

    Ok now that way the unit is wired is not the same as the schematic. The .022uf cap from the tone on the unit is soldered to the same tab on volume as the RED wire for the toggle not center /output jack as on schematic. Also the RED wire from tone is soldered to the wrong side -- it is soldered to the same locationg at the HOT/Black wire for the bridge pick up not opposite like schematic. this is in the CURRENT schematic.

    So what do I do resolder the wires of the drop in to coinside with the schematic then follow the schematic from there on??

    Kind of strange that a drop in would be wired wrong but I suppose it is possible.
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