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Thread: One problem with the 408's and NF pickups

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    today I just got done getting the HFS/Vintage pcikup set with PRS drop in 3 way w/push pull tone installed in my boys SE singlecut. 22 fret guitar. Tried the harmonic at 5th fret. well in coil tap pretty non existant. full HB mode it`s there but no where near what it is in the bridge position.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helmi View Post
    what 4 guitars with nf's do you have? man, that sounds like heaven, especially a hardtail sas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by docbennett View Post
    Yup....that was my "basic understanding" but I have a lot of difficulty understanding how this is actually used during a solo. I am familiar with "pinch harmonics" but I have never really gotten a good handle on "natural harmonics" and would really appreciate a video that actually provides a demonstration of how they are used in a song.
    Many of Larry Coryells tunes have fine use of natural harmonics,as well as do Chet Atkins songs.

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    Tried this on my NF3 this morning, yep definite volume difference on 5th fret harmonic on neck pickup vs any other (including neck/middle combo).

    Also tried it on my NF equipped SE and same deal, I must have got the neck pickup location "right".

    Also tried it on my CU22 Soapbar, no volume difference there.

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    I first noticed this issue with my 513, 5th fret harmonic fine in single coil mode but almost impossible or very low output in the humbucker modes, I emailed PRS support about it they said to send the guitar to them, not a cheap option form the UK, a few months later I met PRSh while buying an ME1 and mentioned the issue to him he simply said no you won't get the harmonic at the 5th fret nothing wrong with the guitar, so I just remember to select another pickup if I want 5th fret harmonics.
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    Most Teles that I have played do this. just one of those things.....

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