Well, yesterday was a NAD for me. A great guy hooked me up with a Paisley Original Sewell head, #4 of 100 according to the back of the amp . It looks great, I'll likely be trying it out with my friend in the next couple days.

So, for my question...

A little background, I've been running a solid state modeling amp for about 12 years, prior to that I used a digital effects rack mounted preamp and rack mounted power amp for maybe 3-4 years. I think I moved from tubes to digital prematurely since at the time my only experience with Tube Amps was a Mesa Duel Rectifier. Great amp, but I had to crank the volume to get good sounds and at the time I did not know about attenuators. Today, I am firmly in the mindset of Tube Amps.

So now that I have an Original Sewell, I'm lost on what Cab I should be on the look out for!

I like the double stack with head look, but the half stack look is cool too. What would you guys recommend of the PRS cabs, since they can also be Paisley, 1 (or 2) 1x12 cabs, 1 4x10 cab or one of the 2x12 cabs? If I went non-paisley I'm pretty sure I'd be looking for a port city 2x12 vertical OS cab... but I'm open to suggestions.

This will mostly be used at home, I may take it out to my friends to Jam on occasion. If we can jam regularly it may turn into something more, but we'll see where that leads.

Oh and no NAD is complete without pics!