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Thread: Custom 24 Truss Rod..

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    Custom 24 Truss Rod..

    I just got my brand new Custom 24 10-Top in, and I love it. I noticed a bit of fret buzz and even slight fretting out on the high E string, so I assumed it was a truss rod issue. I took off the cover, and it seems as I adjust the nut of the truss rod, the whole rod moves, not the nut independently like I'm used to in my other guitars... Does the Custom 24 have an odd truss rod, or did I get a broken guitar? Thanks..

    Edit: It seems I posted a bit too hastily... I checked the support section on the PRS site again and it says that the truss rod nut is "fused" to the rod. So I'm assuming that's what I'm seeing here, and everything is ok... WHEW!
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