I can imagine this gets covered very often, but I was unsuccessful finding anything with the search tool, so please indulge me if you would.

I am pondering a new PRS and with limited or no access to the various models, I could use some advice. Years ago I owned a Custom 24 but found the humbuckers (HFS I think) somewhat muddy and the split coil modes too thin for my needs and regrettable I sold it. I play mainly clean, sometimes with overdrive, but almost never with any real distortion. I will use the guitar to play mainly southern Gospel, country, contemporary Christian, but also venture into the bluesy, classic rock (late 70’s / early80s) sound with no interest in metal or shredding. I currently play a Stratocaster (American Deluxe - love it), Telecaster (Nashville Power Tele - love the tone and piezo bridge, hate the look and feel) and Taylor acoustic. I really dig the single coil sound for lead lines, but I am not a total single coil snob either, as I don’t mind N3s, SCNs or Dimarzio Area noiseless pickups. I absotuly love Fender's Custom Shop 69's but the noise of single coils is such a pain. I was about to buy a HSS Strat, put CS 69's neck and middle with a PAF type HB in the bridge (for the noiselessness and fatter option), but then thought a PRS would add more versatility to my currently inventory.

I am not looking for a Strat “sound alike”, but I do want a versatile ‘fatter’ guitar that doesn’t sacrifice it’s clean tone for high gain. After some research I have my eye on three models; Studio, P22 and the 408. I would like to get some opinions on the strength and weakness of each model. I know the obvious answer is “go try each and pick the one you like”, but I live in an area void of a PRS dealer and the closest one will have only limited offerings.

Thanks for the help,