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Thread: PRS CEC24 Split...

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    Question PRS CEC24 Split...

    I've done a search through the forum but not found.
    I have a PRS SE Custom 24, 2009 and wanted to know if I can do split the original zebra pickups - like PRS 408.
    I checked and only see 2 wires, but I think it may be "hidden" the other 2 missing. Can anyone help??

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    No pickups except 408s can split like 408s, they do something magical by adding 1500 coils when split so there's no volume loss.

    You need 3 wires to coil tap, hot, ground and tap. If there is a 3rd wire (I doubt there is sorry) then it would be taped up inside the pickup cavity. Pull a pickup and have a look, if there's an extra wire then you're in luck.

    You can modify pickups to tap them but unless you can have experience with electrics/electronics this isn't recommended.

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    I totally agree with justmund: 2 wires, no split; it's possible modify the pickups to obtain 4 wires each, but is not so simple if you're not so experienced.
    Anyway, the 408s sound is much different because the number of windings works in a really different mode on zebra pickups, even modified to split.
    Sorry... ciao!

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