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Thread: Please Help Me Pick A New PRS Amp!

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    Please Help Me Pick A New PRS Amp!

    Getting back into playing the guitar after a lil hiatus. Absolutely loving my new DGT. Just treated a spare bedroom with some nice sound treatment for starting to do some recording.

    Guitars I have: McCarty and DGT

    Amps I'm considering: HXDA or 2 Channel Custom

    Sounds I like: Hendrix, SRV, Santana solos... Trying to keep the list simple and short. I do like a nice singing lead tone.

    Styles I play: Eclectic fusion of Reggae, Rock & Jazz.

    For the moment I'm happy with finding a great amp for getting beautiful big sounds to record with. Yes, I can turn the amp up to get it going. I will have the opportunity to gig a bit with it too. With the idea of more gigging in the future.

    I mainly like to control my tone with pedals, which is why I'm leaning towards the 2 channel custom. I'm not very versed in rolling off the volume to clean things up... but what better time to learn!?

    From what I'm hearing, and I know that online listening is deceiving, it seems the HXDA has a fuller rounder tone which I definitely admire (maybe also why it's $1000 more?? ) I did hear a beautiful clean tone out of the 2 Channel Custom but the driven tone sounded a bit thinner in comparison. Again, hard to tell completely without having the amps in front of me.

    I'll probably try and go play them, but may be a bit challenging to find both to try at once.

    Realistically I'll probably end up with both... at some point... hopefully... in the somewhat near future. But which one first?

    Any thoughts are welcome! Thanks in advance.
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