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Thread: MEQ for DGT

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    MEQ for DGT

    Anybody go from a MEQ to a DGT? Any feedback or regrets appreciated.
    2013 LP R9 VOS, SG Standard VOS
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    I went from everything else to a DGT. Regrets? NONE! Feedback...IMO, the DGT is easily the best and most well thought out production guitars on the planet. But that's just me.



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    I did ...and no
    Early 90's Standard>2004 CU24>2011 MEQ>2013 DGT
    The MEQ was awesome but the DGT seems like it was made for me...possibly that Grissom fella but I'm pretty sure it was made just for me.
    The 53/10s are probably my favorite PRS pickup but the combo of the DGT pickups and that neck mean no regrets here.
    I would go back to a MEQ in a heartbeat if I could not have the DGT.

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