Sorry there's no pics since it doesn't exist
I've got P22 GAS really, really, really bad right now. The only thing that's keeping it anywhere close to at bay is that I want something that doesn't exist and can't get without going PS, which I can't do. Anyway, if I could....

XXX faded indigo or white tiger top with natural back
old school birds, probably paua shell that accented the top color
nickel hardware
phase 3, maybe pearly buttons
matte finished back of neck
5708 neck squabbin
\m/ or 5909 bridge squabbin
mini toggle kill switch - unless I could go DGT control layout(I like 2 volumes) with the piezo like Doc's idea...but that might get cluttered looking?

I suppose some fancy flamed mahogany or something since I was in PS zone
It's really nothing to outrageous, I know, but unobtanium none the less. It's really kinda killing me.