I was listening to "Four Simple Words" by Frank Turner today and one phrase really jumped out at me. (Frank plays what I would call "Folk Punk" which is right in my wheelhouse as my friend from New Jersey likes to say.) Anyway, the lines I'm referring to are:

Somebody told me that music with guitars
was going out of fashion and I had to laugh.
This sh!t wasn't fashionable when I fell in love.

How many times have we heard that guitar-oriented music was dying? Disco was killing it, techno was killing it, American Idol is killing it, etc. Young men and women all over the world will continue to feel a burning inside their hearts and they will continue to pick up guitars looking for an outlet for their creativity, pain, happiness, awkwardness, sorrow, love, hate and every other emotion known to mankind. Speaking through music is a universal truth and what instrument is more accessible and portable than a guitar? Many contenders will step into the ring, but all fill eventual fall by the hand of the king, the guitar. Thoughts?