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Thread: The end guitar playing?

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    Beyond the recorded song and cut-and-paste digital auto tune stuff, there is playing music. I seriously doubt I'll ever be recorded, I do not play in front of other people (on purpose anyway, sometimnes my wife or kids walk in). But I do play. Not well, hardly ever play a complete song, usually just random phrases that I string together. But I enjoy it, it relaxes me and helps me think. For people like me, the digital stuff will never replace a real instrument.

    I freely describe my ability as "a handful of chords and a heart full of good wishes"! I 'play' as a form of relaxation, purely for my own enjoyment. I would like to think I have musical tastes that cross pretty much all of the genres and I try to listen to the elements within the music. I think there might actually be more guitar in music now than ever. Even if it has been sampled and added, it had to be played by someone in the first place. I don't think it's going away anytime soon.

    edit - Sorry, there are a lot of 'I's in there, it is early here and there hasn't been enough coffee yet!
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