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    Forum Guitar: Rev 4 (The Final)

    Read this carefully. PRS Guitars has not yet agreed to anything I'm about to say. I am not a PRS employee.

    I am going to ask Jack (PRS CEO) to build 25 (and only 25) guitars for Official PRS Forum members. This thread does not indicate that he has agreed to anything. To date, not a single Rev has garnered more than 18 supporters so 25 should be more than enough. I think more would sell if we advertised it but this is for the forum members, not for dealers or those who will undoubtedly want one to flip one for more money. You can bet these production guitars (if they get made) will be an instant classic.

    I am going to TRY to get this guitar made with a street price of around $3000. I said TRY. If it turns out to be a little more you can pass and then whomever is next in line gets next right of refusal (starting with number 26). I expect that some people may not be able to pull the trigger when the time comes so if you want in, claim a spot - even if 25 people have already responded.

    If you are willing to make a deposit on the guitar noted below (called Rev 4) then you need to read the specs and post 3 things:
    1) Your 1st name (so no one can claim to be you at a later date)
    2) Say "I'm willing to commit to this guitar and put down my deposit if PRS approves the run."
    3) Say "My dealer is [Insert name of dealer, by company name]"

    Again, the 1st 25 people to post the three required statements (noted above) IN THIS THREAD will be given 1st access to the 25 guitars.

    Model Name: FG22R4 (Forum Guitar, 22-fret, Rev 4)
    Base Model: 22-fret Santana (Santana shaped body & headstock)
    Hardware: Nickel
    Body: Solid Mahogany (heavy Mahogany for good balance)
    Top: Euro Maple to be hand-selected
    Neck: Firewood (AKA Chaltecoco)
    Fretboard: Dark Ebony (polished) with 10 degree radius
    Frets: DGT fretwire with hidden fret tangs
    Headstock Design: Hand-signed by Paul Smith (in gold metallic) over an ebony veneer.
    Truss Rod Cover: Official Forum TRC
    Tuners: Phase 3 with ivoroid (cream) buttons to match cream pup rings
    Inlay: Birds flying toward headstock in MOP
    Pickups: Narrow 408's
    Control Layout: Just like the Paul's Guitar with mini-toggles (not DC22 layout)
    Finish: Matte nitro on neck, thin glossy nitro on body
    Case: Silhouette (small), like Hollowbody case, in black tolex (Black Paisley is WAY too expensive)
    Certificate: Signed by all PRS employees (Like the holiday card)

    3 options:
    1) Color: Vintage Natural, Armando's Amethyst, Violin Amber Sunburst, Faded Blue Jean, Vintage Yellow, Eriza Verde Smoke burst with Natural back.
    2) Neck Carve: Pattern (like wide/fat), Pattern Regular, Pattern Thin
    3) Bridge: Regular Tremolo or 2-piece PRS stoptail (no Piezo option)

    ---------------------------------------------Ready? I'm obviously 1st in line! -------------------------------------------

    My name is Hans.

    I'm willing to commit to this guitar and put down my deposit if PRS approves the run.

    My dealer is Guitar Maverick.
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