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Thread: Modern Eagle I 20th Anniversary - your advice please....

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    Modern Eagle I 20th Anniversary - your advice please....

    Hi guys,

    I hope some of you ME I experts and Braz conaisseurs can jump in on this.

    What is up with the 20th Anniversary Model of the Modern Eagle I?
    Besides the embossed (plastic I think) truss rod cover?

    Are these guitars something special apart from that they have been made in 2005?

    In general is a Modern Eagle from this point in time a desirable guitar to purchase? I know itīs not like the new NOS models that are comin out with up to date hardware etc.

    Is there anything to look out for with the storage / care / maintanance of the untreated bare rosewood of the neck, i.e. regular oiling etc. necessary?

    Thank you all in advance for your help and suggestions,

    All the best,
    Thankīs for reading!

    Olli from Germany

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    I dont think the 20th MEs had any real spec changes for that year. Its just a nice touch that they were made during the anniversary year.

    The original MEs with Brazzy necks are one of PRS' more desirable models (Especially in the favourite Faded Blue Jean finish). They hold their value well. Not that many come up for sale.

    Some people like to oil the necks. I have never found I needed to myself. Rosewood is essentially 'self oiling'. I would warn against over-oiling as you can make the neck sticky if you build up too much oil on it.

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    None of the specs changed on the 20th anniversary ones, except the TRC. I'm thinking it was actually engraved aluminum. Some of the NOS ones are exactly the same (except the TRC) because they were ready to ship when they were pulled...others of the NOS have more-recent appointments because it's what they had when they were authorized to finish and release them.

    FT was spot-on with everything else.
    Too many and never enough...

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    I agree with the guys and can confirm that the TRC is not plastic. Be aware that the satin finish will start to polish and get shiny spots where you have contact points and you'll either love it or hate it.... personally I love it! I certainly didn't get mine as an investment, it's here to play and to gig but I would think that unless you really beat one up badly you are pretty safe in terms of not losing much (if any) if you sell it.

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