Not a very long drive and well worth it . So I get to the factory and walk in to meet with Brian ( Brian's Guitars ) and Paul Miles and they take me up to " The Room " or you can call it the wood library. I can't remember how many times I said this is like being a kid in a candy store.

So we talk and for a little about what I want to do for my first Private Stock and I just said I want the top to be unique. So Brian said ok well start looking ( kind of overwhelming at this point ). Everyone is pulling wood a putting tops on the table and then this got pulled.

I tried to keep looking for more tops but this one definately just kept coming out as the winner. So here is the final kit all layed out on the table.

This thing is gonna be a rock & roll MACHINE 24 frets of Honduran rosewood with a little brazilian sprinkled on top being brought to you by the way od some 59/09 goodness.