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Thread: Custom 24 Thin vs. Regular neck pattern

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    Custom 24 Thin vs. Regular neck pattern

    I am in the market to buy a new PRS Custom 24 and have tried out both neck pattern options (thin and regular) in a local store. I cannot decide which one is best for me. Can anyone recommend better way to decide which neck option is right for someone?

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    I would suggest you spend some time soloing on each. Play high up on the fretboard and see which one feels more comfortable -- that will probably be where you feel the biggest difference.

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    It's all just a matter of personal preference and comfort. There really isn't a "right" answer.

    I'm equally comfortable on a wide-fat, a pattern, and a pattern regular. But some players are very picky about the neck options.

    If you're comfortable on the ones you mentioned, that's a good thing - gives you a wider variety of choices!
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    Really just have to spend time on them. I'm really picky about neck sizes. Luckily PRS makes wide fat, which is my home.
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    If both shapes are truly equally comfortable for you, then just pick the guitar that you like better. Base your decision on tone or cosmetics instead.

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