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Thread: players rut sydrum

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    players rut sydrum

    Players rut sydrom.. is what i been goin through,seems for months on end all i can think of is playin,practicing ect.lately thats the furthest from thought,i play solo not in a band ,and i think not havin anyone to jam with,can get borin to a degree at times.keep rockin ppl.

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    I told a friend to make an iPad app that would allow me to jam with friends remotely - maybe using FaceTime. I wonder if thats possible? Too much lag time? When I get to the point I don't want to play anymore - I go buy some new gear!! Same goes for my photography passion. Some months I carry my camera everywhere - then nothing for a while. I'm shooting a wedding next week so I guess I better put the guitar down and start shooting again. Maybe I need to buy me a new lens.
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    4 was the answer for me. Downloadable formats designed to inspire and advance your playing.

    If you're into blue blues stuff... I really like Tony Staufer's stuff at

    Also... There's a guy on the interwebs name is Scott Grove. He has official lessons on his website ( but does mountains of free videos. He's a very opinionated fellow and some folks have trouble with his occasional abrasiveness.

    Hope it helps in some way.

    MLAR, Cor

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