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It's fixable. If you don't want a total refin then we have to do a spot repair. Since the wood has been crushed-in, the repair may not be 100% unnoticeable. It will look good and it will be flat, but if you really give the guitar a good evaluation, you will be able to find the repair. The good news is that your eye won't be drawn to it immediately like it is now.
By the way, dude, thanks so much for answering me here when you're out sick. I'd have made myself sick worrying if I hadn't read this today. It means a lot to me, thank you.

I've seen PRSh mention several times in recent interviews about how he wants these instruments to be heirloom guitars, the kind that people in a burning house will want to rescue more than their family photos. Well, this is one of those instruments to me.