Hello all! Just found this place, cool forum!

I haven't been playing PRS guitars for long but I think I've finally found the guitars for me. I went from strats to les Pauls and then to PRS... I don't think I'll ever look back. My first was a Mira X which absolutely smokes and boy is it light! I recently got a McCarty and its the greatest guitar I've ever played. I absolutely love everything about it and I highly doubt it will ever leave my #1 spot. I now have an SE ONE on the way, should be here Friday and I'm psyched! These guitars are just perfect for the stuff I'm doing... My main band is a classic rock trio and I also host an open mic in another band. So I'm no big time musician but its just awesome to have such great guitars, I'm really enjoying them

so, I just wanted to pop in and say hi - here are my guitars:

my mccarty

DSC_4044 by jcv, on Flickr

And one of my Mira X on the job

image by jcv, on Flickr