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Thread: New member - here are my PRSi

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    Welcome to the Forum!
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    There's nothing like PRS guitars. Awesome to have you here man!

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    I've been wanting an SE One as well. Love me some p90!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcv View Post
    Hello all! Just found this place, cool forum!

    I haven't been playing PRS guitars for long but I think I've finally found the guitars for me. I went from strats to les Pauls and then to PRS... I don't think I'll ever look back. My first was a Mira X which absolutely smokes and boy is it light! I recently got a McCarty and its the greatest guitar I've ever played. I absolutely love everything about it and I highly doubt it will ever leave my #1 spot. I now have an SE ONE on the way, should be here Friday and I'm psyched! These guitars are just perfect for the stuff I'm doing... My main band is a classic rock trio and I also host an open mic in another band. So I'm no big time musician but its just awesome to have such great guitars, I'm really enjoying them

    so, I just wanted to pop in and say hi - here are my guitars:
    Welcome! So when can we schedule those pics for the SE One?
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    Welcome, and nice guitars!
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    Welcome - nice guitars and hope your new one on the way arrives on time, safe and sound.
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    Thanks everyone! The ONE will be here today! I'll give it some strap locks, a spit shine and set it up with 10's then I'll give it a workout. After that, pics and report in the form of an NGD thread

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    Hello! Not been here long myself and only one PRS to my name but there seems to be a lot of good banter and some sick private stock pictures to drool over on here so I'm happy! Just need to win the lottery so Imcan order my own PS now ...
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    I got the One yesterday and its pretty sweet! Here's a phone pic... I'll get some proper pics and start a real NGD thread soon

    image by jcv, on Flickr

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    Welcome! You have some SWEET guitars. I can't wait to see the McCarty.
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