I don't need a new guitar. I didn't need the last guitar. I can't save them all. I can't ruin them all.

But look at it! It's so sad. Ebay and Craigslist are becoming like a trip to the zoo or the pet store for me... I just want to take everything home.

Talk me out of it. I shouldn't do it, right? What will I do with three CE's? I need to save for an old studio or an SAS, maybe a 305.

But I mean, c'mon.... this was a burn victim that somebody tried to save. NO! I need to finish an album and get shirts made, take the backup singers to Mens Warehouse and buy american flag bikini's for some video girls... and craft services, champagne, and rent a limo too. I have to keep some money on hand for all those drinks I'll have to buy at Experience..

Talk me out of it.